Guido's Fort

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B5 - Horror on the Hill

Guido's Fort...located at the end of the trader's road. Perched along the banks of the mighty River Shrill, this isolated frontier settlement is the final stop of the caravan routes. The mile-wide river is all that stands between civilization and the shadowy bulk known only as "the Hill," a land of nameless terrors and ancient legend.

Overseen by lord Gramorn "Guido" Neithan, the stronghold has seen better days. Neithan lost his magist on an adventure several years ago and fort morale has dropped on a steady basis since. His funding is in the chamber pot, he has not bounced back with a successful run in some time. Testement to that is a half-finished longship resting near the shoreline behind the fort, what was once to be a mighty patrol vessel to assist with river commerce has been ignored for nearly half a year now.

Only a handful of residents remain within the fort, including a contingent of watchmen and other personnel who, in all likelihood, would not be a sufficient force to defend the stronghold from attack. Even the surrounding village is a virtual ghost town, with one in five buildings being occupied (mostly by fishermen and farmers, the only remaining sources of income beyond the fledgling commerce).

But there is always hope. If only a brave group of individuals were to assemble and seek out the mysteries awaiting discovery amongst the Hill. To dispatch the endless rumors and return a sense of civility to the region, now that would be a grand adventure...

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 * Original concept & design of Guido's Fort as depicted below courtesy of Thorkhammer at the Dragonsfoot Forums ( )

Guido's Fort -
Ground Level

Curtain wall constructed of logs lashed together, covered with moss and animal hides for flame prevention. Centered in the north is a keep, the only stone structure of the fort, towering 80' at its peak. East of the keep is a two tiered tower (the secondary observation station and primary artillery platform). Centered is a shrine and public fountain along with several grassy areas, east of that is the courthouse and garden. A row of apartments is positioned behind the courthouse garden, north of that is a trio of luxury homes. South of the living quarters is the famous Lion's Den tavern & inn. South of the Den is a gate device that can be secured in either the open or closed position. Note the secondary barrier outside the gate to prevent ram and sow access. South of the shrine are the stables, continuing further south is the blacksmith/armorer and a pair of stock yards. Bordering the stock yards is a traders' market, with a trebuchet positioned in the grassy field north of the building. Near the shoreline of the River Shrill is a large warehouse with a trio of attached docks, and north of the warehouse is a canoe storage building for fishermen living within the compound. South of the warehouse is a drydock storage area for watercraft needing repair work. Finally, note that the curtain wall extends into the river, hosting a quartet of small towers to further protect the fort from river assault.

Guido's Fort -
10' elevation

Tower interior and rooftop details, second story of the keep

Guido's Fort -
20' elevation

Catwalk detail, guard towers, catapult tower and larger tower interiors; third story of the keep

Guido's Fort -
30' elevation

Catapult towers, rooftops of guard towers, and larger tower interiors; fourth story of the keep

Guido's Fort -
40' elevation and up

Artillery tower details (including upper level of observation/artillery tower @ 50'), fifth through ninth stories of the keep

Lion's Den Tavern & Inn

First Story: tavern area occupies the entire western portion, centered is the kitchen and bar with a large storage room tot he east. To the north are the taverner and servant quarters along with an office, and to the south is the common room separated from the rest of the building with pallets for eleven. Keys to the common room are issued after collecting the 1SP/night payment.

Second Story: private rooms including a pair of large rooms with bedding for four available for 1GP/night per person, a pair of smaller rooms with quality bedding for two available at 5GP/night per person, , and a pair of luxury suites available for 25GP/night regardless of single or double occupancy. A lounge area occupies the western portion of this level.

Fort Staff

Gramorn "Guido" Neithan (S-18 I-9 W-13 D-10 C-15 Ch-12 AL:N F:9 AC: -2 HP:56) Chainmail +3, Shield +2, Ring of Protection +1, Sword +3 (AL:N I:8 E:9 W:20; Detect Magic, Find Traps), Mace +2, Heavy Crossbow +1
Duty Location: keep


Castellan (S-13 I-12 W-10 D-16 C-15 Ch-11 AL:L F:6 AC: -2 HP:45) Platemail +1, Shield +1, Sword +2, Longbow +1, Hand Axe, Battle Axe
Duty Location: keep

Curate (S-14 I-11 W-16 D-9 C-12 Ch-10 AL:L C:5 AC:2 HP:21) Chainmail +2, Shield, Warhammer +1 (returning), Heavy Mace, Sling; Staff of Healing
Duty Location: keep, shrine

Watch Captain (S-16 I-10 W-9 D-12 C-17 Ch-10 AL:L F:4 AC:1 HP:32) Platemail +1, Shield, Sword +1, Crossbow, Spear +2
Duty Location: keep, NW tower

Watch Sergeant #1 (S-17 I-9 W-10 D-12 C-13 Ch-10 AL:L F:3 AC:3 HP:20) Platemail, Battle Axe +1, Crossbow 
Duty Location: NW tower, grounds

Watch Sergeant #2 (S-13 I-12 W-11 D-17 C-12 Ch-10 AL:L F:3 AC:1 HP:18) Chainmail +1, Shield, Sword, Longbow
Duty Location: NW tower, grounds

Watch Corporal #1 (S-15 I-9 W-10 D-12 C-11 Ch-9 AL:N F:2 AC:3 HP:10) Platemail, Sword, Polearm
Duty Location: S/SEtower, catwalk

Watch Corporal #2 (S-12 I-10 W-8 D-13 C-10 Ch-9 AL:L F:2 AC:2 HP:9) Platemail +1, Sword, Longbow
Duty Location: S/SEtower, catwalk

Watch Corporal #3 (S-10 I-9 W-9 D-11 C-14 Ch-8 AL:N F:2 AC:3 HP:11) Platemail, Sword, Crossbow
Duty Location: SW tower, catwalk

Watch Corporal #4 (S-13 I-8 W-9 D-13 C-10 Ch-7 AL:L F:2 AC:2 HP:9) Platemail, Two Handed Sword, Crossbow
Duty Location: SW tower, catwalk

Cavalry Commander (S-14 I-12 W-10 D-15 C-13 Ch-9 AL:L F:2 AC:1 HP:10) Platemail, Shield, Sword, Crossbow; Lance
Duty Location: keep, grounds

Artillery Commander (S-12 I-11 W-9 D-15 C-13 Ch-10 AL:L F:1 AC:2 HP:7) Platemail, Short Sword, Crossbow
Duty Location: keep

Archery Commander (S-10 I-12 W-11 D-14 C-14 Ch-9 AL:L F:1 AC:4 HP:6) Chainmail, Sword, Longbow
Duty Location: NW tower

Marine Commander (S-13 I-10 W-10 D-16 C-13 Ch-9 AL:L F:2 AC:4 HP:12) Leather, Shield, Sword, Longbow
Duty Location: keep, docks

Bailiff (S-16 I-9 W-9 D-13 C-17 Ch-9 AL:L F:2 AC:2 HP:16) Platemail, Bastard Sword +1, Longbow (w/ 2 arrows +1)
Duty Location: SW tower

Sherrif (S-10 I-9 W-9 D-15 C-14 Ch-11 AL:L F:1 AC:5 HP:6) Leather, Shield, Short Sword, Shortbow
Duty Location: courthouse, grounds


Calvary (18)  AL:N NM AC:2 HP:4each, Platemail, Shield, Sword, Crossbow, Lance

Artillerists (20)  AL:N NM AC:3 HP:4each, Platemail, Short Sword, Crossbow

Archers (24) AL:N NM AC:4 HP:3each, Chainmail, Sword, Longbow

Watchmen (64)  AL:N NM AC:3 HP:3each, Platemail, Shield, Sword, Spear, Crossbow

Marines (32) AL:L F:1 AC:6 HP:5each, Leather, Shield, Sword, Crossbow

Artillery Crew (60)  AL:N NM AC5 HP:2each) Chainmail, Short Sword (non-combatant, will only fight if attacked)


Armorers (4xNM), armory
Blacksmiths (2xNM, D:1), armory
Equerry (NM), stables
Magistrate (NM), courthouse
Provost (NM), courthouse
Reeve (NM), courthouse
Steward (NM), keep
Warden (NM), courthouse