Haven Palace

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B3 Palace of the Silver Princess

Haven - located northwest of the Lake of Lost Dreams near the eastern border of Karameikos, nestled into the foothills of the Thunder Mountains (southern range of the Altan Tepes). The evil Arik has been vanquished and a sense of normalcy has slowly returned to the domain. Argenta's palace was severely damaged during Arik's attempted dimensional crossing, as such it was the first thing to be addressed in the aftermath.

Argenta is the daughter of a wealthy family residing in Glantri, much to their opposition she is quite displaced from home but overall she has done well in establishing a peaceful utopian civilization. As such, she had little difficulty securing the needed funding to rebuild her palace, in fact a generous expansion was added on in the form of a great tower.

With construction of this massive project complete, attention is now focused on securing the rest of her subjects, maintaining peace, and vigil determination to prevent any future usurping from the evil Arik of the Hundred Eyes.

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Palace - 1st Story

Palace - 2nd Story

Palace - 3rd Story

Palace - 4th Story

Palace Towers - 5th Story

Palace Towers - 6th Story

Palace Tower - Levels 7-18