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TSR's Cornerstone

My game is centered around the boxed sets that were originally available in the early 1980s, specifically the Moldvay/Cook Basic & Expert sets (typically referred to as "B/X"). I also possess the earlier edition (Holmes) as well as the subsequent editions edited by Frank Mentzer (often referred to as "red box" and "blue box" for basic & expert sets respectively, or more commonly "BECMI" for the five set total series of Basic, Expert, Companion, Masters, and Immortals) and have run several games with each. However, considering that B/X is what I started with back in 1981, it's the one I'm most familiar with and as such it's the well I return to when quenching my thirst.

However, perusing the first four sets of BECMI has given me insight to a longer running game and it certainly has many merits in its own right. Holmes on the other hand is a "rules light" AD&D game, and as such it too has proven high points in play (despite not offering much progressing beyond entry level gaming). If not for my long relationship with B/X, it would be a tough choice to pick just one if I had to start all over again.

The Keep on the Borderlands

KotB is the focal point of my campaign. I recently penned a novice/0-level adventure detailing the PC's origin, prior to their life as adventurers. Journey to the Borderlands bands these "normal men" together for their first foray outside of civilization, and ends with them as first level adventurers arriving at the Keep on the Borderlands.

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In Memory of...

E.Gary Gygax (7/27/38 - 3/4/08) --- "Father of D&D"

Tom Moldvay ( 11/5/49 - 3/8/07) ---  editor of Basic and Expert rulebooks, adventure module author

Jim Roslof (11/21/46 - 3/19/11) --- cover & interior artist