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the Keep on the Borderlands (B2)

The Keep on the Borderlands is a focal point of my D&D campaign. Located near the source of the Highreach River in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, this last bastion of civilization serves to fend off invading orcs and goblins who have been a menace to the area. As such, it has become a hot spot for adventurers looking to begin their careers via the neighboring Caves of Chaos, a network of dungeons that have become a melting pot for the orcs, goblins, and any other creatures wishing to intrude into Karameikos.

The town of Riverglen has been established near the Keep, boasting a population of 400-500 depending on the seasons, with fishing and farming as the major industries. The demi-humans have taken up residences nearby, all living in harmony with the common goal of holding this vital line at Karameikos' north-eastern border. The West Hills Shire is located a few miles down-river, a clan of elves are believed to reside near a waterfall upstream, and it is believed that a group of dwarves are constructing a stronghold within one of the northern peaks of the neighboring mountains.

The Keep itself is a bi-level design, that is the Inner Bailey (northern portion) is situated ten feet higher in elevation above the Outer Bailey (southern portion). This is reflected in the first two maps, an earthen ramp ascends through the inner gatehouse dividing the two halves, going north through the gatehouse takes you uphill to the second map, rather than directly to the Inner Bailey cellars depicted on the first map. The gatehouse itself as depicted on Map 1 is a cellar, like the other depicted cellars it is only accessible via the ground level on Map 2. The only difference being the gatehouse cellar is pierced on the southern side as it is "exposed ground level" in relation to the Outer Bailey.

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(unless noted otherwise, all maps are scaled at 10' squares)

Riverglen Keep - Map 1

Note that the Inner Bailey is "ground level" while the depicted postions of the Outer Bailey are underground cellars, save for the exposed southern portion of the gatehouse that protrudes into the Inner Bailey.

Riverglen Keep - Map 3

20' elevation for the Outer Bailey, 10' elevation for the Inner Bailey

Riverglen Keep - Map 5

40' elevation for the Outer Bailey, 30' elevation for the Inner Bailey

Riverglen Keep - Map 7

50' elevation for the Inner Bailey, w/60' elevation maps depicted for appropriate towers. No Outer Bailey structures rise this high. 

Building 7

Small Apartment - featuring bunk bed, couch, dining area, and fireplace for basic dwelling needs. Map is scaled at 2' squares 

Building 15

the Wayward Wench Tavern - famed R&R center at the Keep, scaled at 2' squares

Riverglen Keep - Map 2

10' elevation for the Outer Bailey, ground level for the Inner Bailey. Note there is no further upward access to the Outer Bailey towers, thus preventing invaders that make it past the gate from accessing the parapet and Inner Bailey.

Riverglen Keep - Map 4

30' elevation for the Outer Bailey, 20' elevation for the Inner Bailey

Riverglen Keep - Map 6

50' elevation for the Outer Bailey, 40' elevation for the Inner Bailey

Building 14

Traveller's Inn - temporary quarters for the player characters. Map is scaled to 2' squares

Building 7b

Luxury Apartment - currently leased out to a trio of visiting priests. Map is scaled at 2' squares

Building 16

the Guild House - same as canon layout, cellar added. Map is scaled at 2' squares

new floor plans added as they are developed...